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Category: Interior Lighting

Interior LED Lighting Fixtures.

RLDL Series 15Watt LED Down Lights – 1.500Lumens
RLDL Series 21Watt LED Down Lights – 2.100Lumens
RLDL Series 30Watt LED Down Lights – 3.000Lumens

Down Lights

Series of LED down lights for interior applications.

Ceiling Lights

Multifunctional LED ceiling lights with surface- and recessed installation option.

USLC Series 12Watt LED interior fixtures – 1.200Lumens
USLC Series 18Watt LED interior fixtures – 1.800Lumens
USLC Series 20Watt LED interior fixtures – 2.000Lumens
Oceanus Serie 18Watt LED Multi-Purpose fixtures – 2.520Lumens
Bunk LED Light 10Watt – 1.000Lumens